Sunday, February 12, 2012

Most amazing haul ever!

In my short polish addicted life this has been the best week's haul ever!

Let's start with Monday:
I got two polishes from Lacquistry. Plucked spider, which is a dark red jelly with black micro hex glitter with small red hex and red and black bar glitter. Jenna describes Tepes as "a blackened berry base which is swirled with iridescent mica giving a slight color shift, topped with amber sparks grounded by a berry shimmer."

And then on Wednesday:
My pre-order of Cult Nails "Nekkid Collection" arrived.

love the little "polish burritos"

So for Thursday:
My second Nerd Lacquer order came in. This time I got Resolutionary, I aim to Misbehave and It's just a Flesh Wound.

Can't wait to try Resolutionary. Might have to wear it this week.
Hmm... I Aim to Misbehave looks awfully similar to Nebula. I'll have to do a comparison swatch.

Now on to Friday.....
Finally! the Lovely is as Lovely Does collection by Lynnderella.

And then finally on Saturday (the fun just did not stop)...
Manglaze, I loved ILF so much I had to try a few more. I got Mayo, Mink Mitten and through in Matte is Murder since it was marked down.
So I almost feel embarrassed with so much polish. However in my defense I did not order these all at once. Some just took longer to arrive than others. What should I try first? Decisions, decisions...

Thanks for taking a look.


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